Rock The Boat

Push the Boat Out’s Monthly Open Mic

1st Feb 2024| 7th March 2024 | 4th April 2024| 2nd May 2024

This month Jojo will read as our featured artist.


Rock The Boat’s first-ever outing was to close out our 2021 festival, and it was one of our best-attended events! You made it clear to us that the Edinburgh appetite for poetry open mics was strong and we’ve hosted a monthly open mic ever since. On the first Thursday of every month, we gather at Summerhall’s Gallery Bar to indulge in a dreamy evening of poetry and wholesome camaraderie. A featured poet will close the night with a set of their work.

If you’re not (yet) one to read your poems for any and all ears to hear, come out to listen to some of the best fresh poetry Edinburgh has to offer.

Pre-register for a certain spot to read or pop by on the night to try your luck!

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