- From 'At Eighty' by Edwin Morgan Push the boat out, compañeros,
push the boat out, whatever the sea.
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Edinburgh’s International Poetry Festival

Push the Boat Out is a brand new poetry festival, located In Edinburgh, which will showcase fresh, provocative, radical, audacious, inspiring poetry and spoken word, and bring people together to enjoy, experience and interrogate it. By any means necessary.

Poetry will never stand still. There are challenging times ahead. Get in the boat, compañeros.


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From "Rainbow Logos vs. the Art of Shutting Up: Pride in the time of COVID-era", thoughts from Julia Sorensen on organisational responses to Pride Month. Read the full article here: https://pushtheboatout.org/rainbow-logos-vs-the-art-of-shutting-up-pride-in-the-time-of-covid-era


and I dreamt I'd finally come up with the perfect name after months of back of my mind brainstorming for one of our events in the fall, yet it was unfortunately of similar quality
please send all creative title vibes my way pls n tanx

Caroline Bird@CarolineBirdUK

I dreamt I’d written a *great* line of poetry, then I woke up and remembered it was
‘the sun was flung up into the sky like a round boomerang’ 🧐

Writer-in-Residence opportunity with @edbookfest! They're looking for a writer to work with young people in school settings in/around Edinburgh. Deadline to apply: 2 July. Info here: https://www.edbookfest.co.uk/about-us/jobs



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