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Queen of Harps

Queen of Harps is an Edinburgh based Scottish / Malaysian-Chinese Rapper, Harpist, blending poetic flow, spoken word, bars and harp compositions to claim the title ‘hip-hop-harp'.Kicking off the new year, she made it to the shortlist, and became one of the 4 acts to reach the live finals, of BBC Introducing Scottish Act of The Year 2023.

Exploring a multitude of genres, taking inspiration from Dub, Jungle, to Drill that will have you vibing.

Her conscious and cryptic intricacy with her words is captivating. She is a true innovator with her sounds and her performances are powerful with a fusion of unpredictability and big bassy ravey tunes.

"Making shots fired at mediocre lyricism, and performances and I think she has the right to do so"


"I think there is a pure like 90's or Mobb Deep rap, that you just don't hear. Which I really loved. The performance as a whole was really unique"