Blood Salt Spring: The audiovisual album

By Hannah Lavery 

Soundtrack by Beldina Odenyo 

Film by Beth Chalmers and Natali McCleary

full version available here

Throughout 2021, Hannah Lavery worked with several artists including Beldina Odenyo (Heir of the Cursed), Natali McCleary, and Beth Chalmers to produce the absolutely mesmeric, multi-genre project Blood Salt Spring, supported by Push the Boat Out in partnership with National Theatre of Scotland. 

Next week, to coincide with the launch of Hannah’s poetry collection of the same name, we’re delighted to release Blood Salt Spring as a ‘visual album’ - a film, music and poetry sequence whose release is intended to celebrate Beldina's life, work, and accomplishments. 

Intergenerational trauma, in particular the legacy of colonialism, racism, and the reality of living through 2020's political and cultural shifts and shocks slowly make way for healing in Lavery's work. She has learned how to heal the salted wounds and move out of her winter and into spring - into hope.


Hannah Lavery herself has some words to share with you about her project: 

"This album is based on poems from my debut collection, Blood Salt Spring, with a soundtrack from the late Beldina Odenyo and film from film maker Beth Chalmers and Natali McCleary.  

We had first worked together making the film, Thirteen Fragments, and this was in some ways a continuation of that project - a deeply personal piece but yet speaking to a wider experience for women and especially women of colour in Scotland. In making the work, we talked a lot about the power of art to inspire and demand empathy, and that empathy is the first step to change. This audio-visual album is, then, an invitation to sit with us, but it is also a provocation. Who gets to speak, and who gets listened to? 

This work is, along with my collection, dedicated to Beldina Odenyo. Her friendship and incredible talent will always inspire me, and I will forever be missing her."

Keep your eyes peeled on our social media to watch a new film poem be released every day from 28 March-1 April. We've release the full film with National Theatre of Scotland, available here. We're so excited to partner with NTS to continue to share and celebrate Hannah and Beldina's incredible work. 


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