October 15-17th 2021

We want our festival to:

  • Showcase brilliant poetry, from across Scotland, the UK and internationally
  • Bring together different poetic traditions, styles and modes of performance in fresh and unusual ways
  • Create eclectic ways to experience poetry
  • Create a sense of community around poetry, building on and connecting with work already taking place in Scotland and beyond
  • Create a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas about the contemporary context we’re all working in, be it societal, political, artistic or otherwise
  • Build a festival model which creates developmental opportunities – for poets, curators, publishers, programmers, and audiences

Planning a festival from the middle of a pandemic has its challenges. There are a number of formats the festival can take depending on restrictions in play in October. At this point it is too early to say whether the festival will be an in-person extravaganza, inhabiting every nook and cranny of Summerhall (pictured above), or a cornucopia of beautifully produced poetic commissions and socially distanced experiences. What we can promise is that we will be pushing this boat out in some capacity and that we'd would love to hear your thoughts on the matter – please get in touch at


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