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Susie Zhu

煦 (Susie Zhu, or 9) is a listener for all the tidal movements in city life, a practitioner of fragility and hospitality, and a multi-hyphenated artist-poet, born in China, raised by the internet and currently working nomadically in 3 cities: Beijing (CN), Tokyo (JP), NYC (US). She received her dual degrees at Brown University (Literary Arts, BA [Hons]) and Rhode Island School of Design (Printmaking, BFA [Hons].)

Her primary creative language is question marks and conditionals in the form of language, sound, performance, installation, book, a hybrid or deconstruction of them. She studies traces of spirituality in people’s subtle perceptions on being and time, searching for ways to re-embody them in a contemporary context. Her works are poetic inquiries into how we reunion with each other and ourselves and sincere practices of her own tentative answers.

She is the recipient of Accent Accent International Poetry Award for Emerging Voice, Frances Mason Harris ’26 Prize for book-length manuscript of poetry and prose, Kim Ann Arstark Memorial Award and Robert Reid Award Fellowship. She is the chief editor of Clerestory Journal of the Arts and the founder of Butter**Rabbit**Press; she is also the author of 9 artist’s books and 5 books of poetry and experimental writing; her works have been published and exhibited around the world.