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Ming Di

Ming Di is a Chinese poet from the Yangtze River, author of seven collections of poetry in Chinese. She experiments with "visual poems" and performs with pottery, silk ribbons, paper fans or twines from the Three Gorges of Yangtze River. Some of her poems have been translated into twenty other languages. She lives between China and America and has co-organized international translation workshops since 2012 in China. She was the editor of China domain of Poetry International Web for ten years. She has edited and co-translated New Cathay–Contemporary Chinese Poetry (Tupelo Press 2013) and New Poetry from China 1917-2017 (Black Square Editions 2019) and compiled seven other anthologies including Women Poets from China and Indigenous-Minority Poets from China (forthcoming). She has also translated several books of poetry into Chinese, from Marianne Moore to Ilya Kaminsky, and received the Lishan Poetry Award (translation) and the Best Ten Translator Award 2021 in China.