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Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn: Jeremy is the popular Member of Parliament for Islington North, an unrivalled campaigner, widely appreciated for his tenacity, unbending principles and incorruptibility. As leader of the Labour Party from 2015-2019 he built up the largest ever membership of any European political party. He changed the face of politics, inspiring millions of young people and those previously written off and marginalised. Born into a comfortable house in Shropshire, Jeremy benefited at a young age from being exposed to books and encouraged to read. So began his lifelong love of poetry. His parents were gentle people active in the antiracism movement and dedicated to educating their sons on the evils of fascism, colonialism, and racism. Those are principles that he has never lost and has fought to defend over a lifetime of activism. A true internationalist, he commands global respect. And his experience is reflected in his choice of poetry. As Chief of Staff to Jeremy when he led the Labour opposition from 2016-2020, I experienced first-hand the qualities that made him a new kind of leader, one who, inspired hundreds of thousands of people to actively engage actively in politics, many for the first time in their lives. What he offered as a leader was unique. The country had never before seen the sort of rockstar popularity that built up around him, a result of his ability to empower and speak directly to young people in direct contrast with more conventional politicians who are often seen as out of touch and irrelevant. Jeremy offered that most powerful and life sustaining of emotions: hope.